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Natural Stone Packing Crate Standard

Global Export Standard

Global Export Standard Packing Crates

These crates are intended to protect the natural stone throughout transit and ensure that it arrives at its destination in the same state in which it was packed. Using the appropriate packaging box can make all the difference when transporting large tiles, cobbles, or paver and copper for pools.
One of the primary benefits of choosing Global Export Standard Packing Crates is that they are standardized, which means they match the specifications established by international shipping organizations. This guarantees that the crate is strong enough to survive transportation hardships and that it can be conveniently loaded and unloaded from trucks, ships, and other vehicles.

Furthermore, these crates are constructed of high-quality wood that are resistant to water, dampness, and other external elements that can harm the products inside.
Another significant advantage of using Global Export Standard Packing Crates is that they may be tailored to the precise requirements of the natural stone being sent.